Monday, February 4, 2008


The hypocricy of this group of bury brigaders doesn't fail to amaze me. I have officially been banned from Digg, and now I am convinced it's not the bury brigade that's responsible from kicking Paul off the front page; it's the Digg administration team. They deleted my account and didn't have the courtesy to send me an email explaining exactly why. And yet the bury brigade, which has done the same tactics for some time now, still exists at large. They have been unfairly protected even though they have artificially lowered Paul's article ratings throughout digg.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let's get started.

I have received an extreme amount of support from fellow Ron Paul fans on Digg, and unfortunately, I may be a little too busy to manage this effort as much as I would like, especially since my main focus is my education.

The typical RonPaul bury brigade members are trying to get me to add them as friends, so when I shout something, they're quick to spread it to their circle and quickly bury it. I have to be extremely careful to review comments for all members who add me as friends. Fortunately they aren't very cleaver.

Now that I'm overwhelmed with plenty of Ron Paul fans trying to be part of this, I'm going to need help finding appropriate articles to shout out.

I have read about people calling this effort a terms of service violation. So I just read the Digg terms of service, and I think you can claim this is technically an organized effort meant to artificially affect the digg count, but you can say the bury brigade is just as much one, so it would be hypocritical for them point the finger. I personally see no foul intentions in what I'm doing. I'm just out looking for fellow Ron Paul fans to network with and share good internet sites with.

All we need to do is create digg headlines that are front-page worthy. Like I said before, I don't digg any Ron Paul articles I see. Here is my criteria for grading posts:

1. Accurate title and description. They need to describe what the digg post links to accurately, must have good grammar, and must not suggest personal bias or views. This is an example of something I won't digg, since the user took absolutely no effort to accurately describe the content of the link.

2. Linked content must be newsworthy. I came across a digg post featuring a picture of a prarie dog carrying a machine gun, and red letters that say "Get on the money train." (link) This is what I would categorize as Ron Paul spam, and things like this only validates the mission of this Ron Paul Bury Brigade. 

3. Make the first few comments are well thought out. The first few comments on the message board are often just as important than the digg description at effecting viewers' opinion of the article.

Tip: When submitting articles, make an effort to conceal the name "Ron Paul" from the headline. This would make the article harder to find by the bury brigade. The headline needs to be enticing, nonetheless.

I'm open to suggestions. Let's not keep generating Ron Paul spam. I will only shout things that meet these criteria. Now let's paint Digg Ron Paul!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ron Paul Digg Brigade - A Manifesto

I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I am creating an organization of Ron Paul supporters in order to counter a form of censorship on Digg, and restore a presence of Ron Paul to digg's front page.

The intention of this group is to prevent good material from being buried before it hits the front page. The anti-Paul brigade is a group of 400+ digg users, that have networked together on Digg and are colluding to shout any new Ron Paul article and collectively bury it before it hits the front page. (See for yourself here.)

Paul supporters have not organized efficiently on Digg to counter this surge of bury attacks. These attacks have been obnoxious and rude, and have at times used obscene language and personal insults. Just the persistence of these insults on articles that are front-page worthy has inspired me to create this organization.

The point of this organization is not to try to get everything that is dugg up about Ron Paul on the front page. In fact, I continue to bury posts about Ron Paul myself if they have very little intrinsic value. We're not encouraging burying articles of any other candidate. My goal is to maintain a fair share of Ron Paul news to the digg users, a very high percentage who are Ron Paul supporters.

If you would like to receive shouts, go to the official Digg page and add me as a friend. I will return and add you as a mutual friend. The plan is we create "digg bombs" of articles we feel need to make it to the front page. If you want to share a page that is newsworthy, please shout it to me and I will broadcast it if I think it is front-page worthy. I would appreciate your efforts in this endeavor.

You can email me at . I'm also on AOL Instant Messenger as DiggRonPaul. If you want the ability to post on this blog site, please give me your blogspot user name, and I'll add you on.

The irony of the efforts of the Ron Paul bury brigade, is that they might just get more Ron Paul.

Dig Ron Paul forum moderator