Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ron Paul Digg Brigade - A Manifesto

I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I am creating an organization of Ron Paul supporters in order to counter a form of censorship on Digg, and restore a presence of Ron Paul to digg's front page.

The intention of this group is to prevent good material from being buried before it hits the front page. The anti-Paul brigade is a group of 400+ digg users, that have networked together on Digg and are colluding to shout any new Ron Paul article and collectively bury it before it hits the front page. (See for yourself here.)

Paul supporters have not organized efficiently on Digg to counter this surge of bury attacks. These attacks have been obnoxious and rude, and have at times used obscene language and personal insults. Just the persistence of these insults on articles that are front-page worthy has inspired me to create this organization.

The point of this organization is not to try to get everything that is dugg up about Ron Paul on the front page. In fact, I continue to bury posts about Ron Paul myself if they have very little intrinsic value. We're not encouraging burying articles of any other candidate. My goal is to maintain a fair share of Ron Paul news to the digg users, a very high percentage who are Ron Paul supporters.

If you would like to receive shouts, go to the official Digg page and add me as a friend. I will return and add you as a mutual friend. The plan is we create "digg bombs" of articles we feel need to make it to the front page. If you want to share a page that is newsworthy, please shout it to me and I will broadcast it if I think it is front-page worthy. I would appreciate your efforts in this endeavor.

You can email me at . I'm also on AOL Instant Messenger as DiggRonPaul. If you want the ability to post on this blog site, please give me your blogspot user name, and I'll add you on.

The irony of the efforts of the Ron Paul bury brigade, is that they might just get more Ron Paul.

Dig Ron Paul forum moderator


KineticReaction said...

I'm in.

bingoslapper said...

this is not about gaming DIGG, be honest about it, there ARE trolls in DIGG who ARE gaming DIGG. bury their comments and if they are offensive (which is about all the time btw) then report as offensive too. herkimer56, jcm267, chaosium, paximperium (recently formerly imperium2000), goatroper, hortnon, ssn667, are the most prolific shitheads I've ever seen. example of offensive: jcm267: "buried as spam", he could have buried it and moved along but he has to brag about doing it, then proceed to spam the thread arguing with everyone and calling people names: idiot, paultard, paulogists, moron, and other "sweet pet names".
DO NOT FEED THESE TROLLS, they thrive on the arguments, it only encourages these assholes and may get you yourself in trouble.
WHAT TO DO: in your tabbed browser add 4-5 of these jerks profiles to your favorites in your browser (not in DIGG) and stalk them! these TROLLS are the fastest way to find Ron Paul stories. I'm not afraid of these morons, but if they single you out they WILL organize to get ya banned, so stay under the radar and pick them off whenever theyre obnoxious (is all the time!)